Spanish classes

Online Spanish classes

Take group or private classes wherever you are, using platforms such as Zoom, Schoology or Canvas.

Learn Spanish for pleasure or for business while becoming familiar with Mexican culture.

Program activities include: Mexican cuisine, crafts, cultural events and virtual tours of places reflecting important aspects of Mexican culture.


The “flipped classroom” methodology incorporates two types of activity — synchronous and asynchronous. The former connects students and teachers online simultaneously, wherever they are. For the latter, students carry out assignments independently. The combination makes language learning easier and creates a collaborative environment in which the student interacts with both the professor and other learners. Classes cover all four language skills: verbal and written communication, reading comprehension and listening.

Course description

  • Courses include two online sessions per week, each lasting 90 minutes.
  • Minimum class size is 5 students per group, up to a maximum of 8 students per group.


Level Duration

Beginners I

Beginners II

64 class hours each level

(20 hours of independent study)

Intermediate I

Intermediate II

64 class hours each level

(20 hours of independent study)

Advanced I

Advanced II

64 class hours each level

(20 hours of independent study)


Class hours per week range from 3 to 8, depending on the specific program with additional time devoted to independent study on the student’s part.


Spanish for Business


Courses are tailored to each business and delivered in private or group classes.


  • General business communication
  • Business presentations
  • Elements of culture that affect professional and business relationships



  • Online, face-to-face or hybrid classes, depending on specific business needs.
  • Course materials selected to promote fluid interaction with work colleagues or clients (local newspapers and business and trade publications, among others)
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